Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels allow the acoustics in a space to be improved in an aesthetic manner. They can be mounted on the walls or the ceiling.

All our panels are finished with an acoustically transparent fabric cover. The cover, which is available in 80 colors, can easily be removed using the stitched-in Velcro strips, so it is easy to wash or replace.

In addition to our standard dimensions, we also make completely customized panels. In this way, they can be perfectly integrated into the aesthetics of the room.

As they are easy to mount, the panels have the advantage that they are easy to move. Thus, in schools or office buildings they are sometimes moved to areas that temporarily need more absorption.

Depending on the acoustic and aesthetic needs and budget, we can offer panels of different compositions.

Depending on the type, the panels can be 5, 10 or 17 cm thick.

Photos: Bank of Breda