Residence Palace Brussels

BELacoustics developed some new products with a luxurious finish in 100% wool felt for the prestigious project Residence Palace of Samyn and Partners.

Aquarium building Antwerp Zoo

On the occasion of its 100-year anniversary, the Antwerp Zoo’s large visitors hall, the symbol of the zoo’s rich history, was restored to its original splendor.

The monumental hanging light rail is constructed of an aluminum frame with built-in LED lighting and lined with translucent polycarbonate panels that are micro-perforated. The invisible micro-perforations enhance the wellbeing of the visitors by creating the perfect combination of a quiet, monumental space with a soft ocean-blue ambient light.

STUK Leuven

For the cinema hall STUK in Leuven, specially designed panels were mounted on the walls and ceiling to obtain a "leather look" and yet meet the strict acoustic requirements.

Day care center Merksem (realization 2012)

Nowadays there are strict regulations for schools and kindergartens regarding the acoustic wellbeing of the users. For a new day care center in Merksem, we were looking for a concept that used sleek, natural materials to meet the stringent acoustic requirements.