• Acoustic panels allow the acoustics in a space to be improved in an aesthetic manner. They can be mounted on the walls or the ceiling. All our panels are finished with an acoustically transparent fabric cover. The cover, which is available in 80 colors, can easily be removed using the stitched-in Velcro strips, so it is easy to wash or replace.

  • Onze akoestische isolerende gordijnen bestaan uit 4 tot 8 stoflagen.

  • Onze akoestische absorberende gordijnen bestaan uit maximum 3 lagen

  • In concert halls and auditoriums, we often use the ceiling to optimize the acoustics. Depending on the acoustical requirements, we can diffuse or absorb the sound. Thus, with a canopy one can adapt the acoustics and darkness to the needs of the hall at that moment.

  • Over the last few years, the popularity of felt has been growing rapidly. BELacoustics has developed some new products with a luxurious finish in wool felt. We work with 100% wool felt, which is selected extremely carefully and offered in a range of 65 colors.

  • Over the years we have acoustically improved numerous concert halls and cultural centers. Often a wide range of presentations take place in these halls. Each presentation requires specific acoustics. That is why we specialize in variable acoustics. In the same space the acoustics can be adjusted based on the wishes of the performer.

  • Through the use of reflectors, we can redirect sound waves in the space. In contrast, the diffusers aim to scatter the sound. BELacoustics makes reflectors and diffusers customized to your project in wood, plexi or metal.

  • Our acoustic composite curtains consist of a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 8 layers of fabric.

    The curtains are an ideal way to combine, for example, darkening with acoustic improvements.

  • With our fabric wall coverings, we can meet very stringent acoustic requirements in a very efficient and affordable way. In contrast to what is often thought, these wall coverings are durable and easy to maintain. Our wall coverings can be finished according to the aesthetic requirements of the customer.

  • Akoestische lambrisering met golfplaten

    Akoestische lambrisering met geperforeerde golfplaten combineert absorptie en diffusie op een est

  • Deze panelen bestaan voor minstens 60% uit polyestervezels van gerecycleerde petflessen. 

  • Deze opencellige schuimplaat is speciaal ontwikkeld vanwege zijn uitstekende akoestische absorpti