Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustic absorbent/reflective ceilings

In concert halls and auditoriums, we often use the ceiling to optimize the acoustics. Depending on the acoustical requirements, we can diffuse or absorb the sound. Thus, with a canopy one can adapt the acoustics and darkness to the needs of the hall at that moment.

In addition, we also offer ceilings that function as an eye catcher in formally decorated halls and at the same time optimize acoustics. For example, in the auditorium of Ghent University we have installed the design of Stephan Beel Architects. The idea was that the ceiling would look like stretched leather with cracks in it. It’s an impressive example of the combination of aesthetics and acoustics!

In such projects it is essential to have good mutual understanding between the architect, acoustic consultant and ourselves as the implementer.

According to the aesthetic and acoustic needs, the ceiling can be constructed of various materials.

Photos: Auditorium Ghent University