Acoustic Wall Covering

Acoustic wall covering

With our fabric wall coverings, we can meet very stringent acoustic requirements in a very efficient and affordable way. In contrast to what is often thought, these wall coverings are durable and easy to maintain.

Our wall coverings can be finished according to the aesthetic requirements of the customer. By means of our special clamping technology, we are able to deliver a perfect finish. Thus, we can even finish inside and outside corners without decorative frames.

Wall coverings can be applied in very small spaces (e.g. interpreter booths) but are also often placed on very large wall surfaces. For years BELacoustics has been a market leader in the covering of cinema halls. We have already installed wall coverings in hundreds of venues in Belgium and abroad.

The underlying absorption materials are determined by the acoustic requirements, so the wall construction can vary from 2 to 10 cm.

As our materials meet the most stringent international fire requirements, they are a very efficient acoustic solution in public buildings.

We offer a multitude of sizes and materials with a range of 100 colors available. We even have wall coverings that can be used as bulletin boards.

Photos: Hospital Inkendaal - wall covering that also serves as a bulletin board