Reflection and Diffusion

Acoustic reflection and diffusion

Through the use of reflectors, we can redirect sound waves in the space. Reflectors are often installed in concert buildings or theaters. For example, this allows us to direct the sounds of the orchestra toward the hall so that sometimes no other amplification is needed.

In contrast, the diffusers aim to scatter the sound. They will also serve to reduce the nuisance of distortions without removing the sound energy from the space. For diffusion it is very important that the diffusers are strategically positioned in the space to let the diffusion occur gradually. Diffusers can be installed on the ceiling as well as the walls. Often these positions are determined by the acoustic consultant.

BELacoustics makes reflectors and diffusers customized to your project in wood, plexi or metal.

Photos: Brussels Congress Palace - reflection shells and diffusers on the ceiling