Our Vision

We started BELacoustics in 2010 as a new company based on our years of experience in the world of acoustics, supplemented with new, enthusiastic employees.

This mix of young enthusiasm and expertise led to new products as well as further development and knowledge.

Our goal is to offer and implement aesthetic acoustic solutions, specializing in high quality and customization.

Years ago we very deliberately decided not to offer acoustic studies ourselves but to cooperate with specialized consultants.

BELacoustics offers only high-quality, tested products. We strive to make all of our customers happy by selling products that are not only beautiful but also meet the acoustic requirements. That is why we are constantly developing new products ourselves in the lab, measuring and adjusting their acoustic results until we have a high-quality product.

All our products are installed by our own staff, so we can guarantee that this is done in a correct and attractive way.

We have our own production workshop, which allows us to offer both customized and series work. With our expertise in mechanical constructions, there is no challenge that we cannot overcome: giant acoustic curtains that can be raised, mobile reflection shells, diffusion ceilings, etc.

Together with the architect, the acoustic consultant and/or the customer, we will find a tailor-made aesthetic solution.

In addition to the products we've developed ourselves, our staff also installs existing products. However, here too we deliberately choose to work only with quality materials that meet the acoustic and aesthetic requirements.

From our many years of experience with acoustics (our first measurements date back to 1986), we can offer an extensive range of products that are suitable for very specific applications.

For example, when measuring our composite acoustic curtains, we not only search for curtains that absorb well over all frequencies, but also for curtains that, for example, absorb low frequencies especially well.

On this website you will find numerous realizations, products and technical specification sheets. We hope this will give you a good overview of the versatility of our company.